A consulting firm located in Lagos with services in employee outsourcing and TRAINING and human resources. We offer professional services in human resource consulting, recruitment and outsourcing.

AZKAF INTEGRATED VENTURES is a registered Nigerian recruitment agency at the forefront of consultancy and staffing. At AZKAF CONSULTS, we utilize the power of the internet to find the best candidates with the aim of helping employers reduce the cost per hire and staffing service fees. We value quality over quantity; this is why we can commit to providing a dedicated service while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new challenges as they arise.

At AZKAF CONSULTS, it is our duty to make things happen. Our business expertise and other logistics revolve around talent. Our services are adaptable to any given situation, environment or location. Our experience allows the company professionals to apply their expertise in discharge of their daily obligation.

We have gained strong recognition from our quality standards within the international market, deploying professionals to a number of countries within and outside Europe.

Our Vision

To showcase professionals by meeting the aspiration of our client through professionalism.

Our Mission

Making Nigerian/African professionals employable across the Globe.

What we offer

We give our clients cost effective recruitment service that is not matched anywhere else. We diagnose your recruitment needs and make detailed recommendation. We work with your company to design and implement a talent acquisition strategy in line with your clients’ business and specification.

Recruitment Compliance

At AZKAF Nigeria our business model is talent and everything that revolves around talent. We ensure that our client do not have to worry about hiring offshore or locally. Our international recruitment service simplifies the sourcing and deployment of experts across a wide range of profession.

Our international recruitment team will put all hands on deck to manage all aspects of your pre-recruitment, recruitment and post recruitment activities. The team is always available so that our clients can get the best support they need.

The service guarantees your organization of bespoke service delivery. Their professional compliance reduces all risks to zero, thus leaving our clients to achieve what they have recruited for.

Our pre-recruitment services include but not limited to background checks, medical insurance, visa and immigration services, employment compliance, travel services. Outsource payroll, Tax contribution, tax compliance, tax remittance form part of our post-recruitment services.

Recruitment Gap

Our recruitment team, over the past years, has recorded a sterling success in the underlisted fields locally, across Africa and beyond. To this end, we look forward to expand our tentacles across Europe which is the centre of excellence. Our outsourcing covers the following underlisted categories but not limited to these;

Academic & Professionals Outsourcing

· Lecturers

· Research Associate

· Finance (ACA qualified and non ACA qualified)

· Medical Practitioners

· Engineers

· Customer service

· Hotel and Hospitality professionals

· Legal practitioners

· IT persons

· Firefighters

· Sport Persons (Volleyball, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Badminton, Shooting etc)

· Sales and Marketing

· Construction workers

· Experienced Drivers

· Experienced Cleaners

· Security Guards

· Warehouse manpower

· And many more

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